Hospital Management System

Manage your hospital effortlessly with HMS Pro. 

HMS Functions

Hospital Management System

Core module to manage information about your hospital, Hospital departments, Patients, Nurse andDoctors.

Appointment & Prescription

Patient Appointment management so you can complete your patient visit in min time with total details of past visits.

Operation Theatre Booking

Easily manage your Operation Theater planning in advance for maximum utilization and avoid conflicts.


Patient Hospitalization procedures like pre admission checklist, care plan, Surgery.

Care Plan

Care plan management for hospitalized patient which can be done by Nursing staff.


Direct access of indoor and outdoor patients prescription to your pharmacy. Barcode integration for medicines.


Manage laboratory investigation requests and their outcomes in system.

Facility Management

Cleanliness is the heart of Hospital So manage your facility schedules and procedures more efficiently.

Patient Portal

Patient  can have access to all their details and they can book and pay for  appointment  online.

Webcam & Barcodes

Set patients images directly using  webcam Uniqe  Barcode to avoid any name conflicts.


Vaccination management by having total history and advance reminder for your  schedules .

SMS Notification & Reminders

Sent  automatic  messages on  appointment  and hospitalization. Advance notification for  appointment .


Special flow for gynecologist to mange their required details and reports. 


Paediatric flow to manage track of baby weight, activity, responses, medicines, vaccination.


Manage Patient's all exrays. Fitness reports and their exercise details.


Special module for Urology related flow and information management.


Manage your Consultation, Admission, Surgery and Hospitalization billing.

Medical Representative

Medical Representative details, their visit appointments schedules and appointment history.


Synchronize your stocks levels based on your purchases and create automatic replenishment rules to avoid stockouts.


Certification Management to allocate certificates to your patient on request.

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Features List

Patient Management
  • Patient Registration

  • Patient Basic Details

  • Patient Registration card, Barcode print

  • Registration Notifications

  • Birthday greetings

  • Patient Photo Capture

  • Vaccination

  • Insurance

  • Patients Portal Access

Physicians Management
  • Basic information

  • Physicians Specialties

  • Physicians Degrees

  • Physicians Schedules

  • Referring Physician

  • Physician Dashboard

OPD/Appointment Management
  • Treatment Management

  • Treatment Based Automated medical history

  • Appointment Management

  • Patient Waiting & Consultation Time Tracking

  • Automation to find it's Consultation or Followup

  • Online Appointment Booking

  • Patient Queue Management and next patient screen

IPD/Hospitalization Management
  • Wards Management

  • Bed Management

  • Hospitalization Checklists

  • Surgeries

  • Operation Theater

  • Pre Operation Checklists

  • Post Operation Checklists

  • Diet Plans

  • Care plans

  • Admission Discharge & Transfer

  • Discharge Invoice Creation & Summary Reports

Laboratory & Diagnostics Management System
  • Lab Requests

  • Lab Tests

  • Lab Test Invoicing

  • Lab Request Report

  • Lab Test Result Report

  • Lab Test Result Imaging

Patient Billing
  • OPD Billing

  • IPD Billing

  • Track Discounts, Refunds, Collection

  • Insurance claim management

  • Package Billing

  • Bill Splitting (For Multiple Claim)

Management Dashboard
  • Receptionist Dashboard

  • Doctor Dashboard

  • Nurse Dashboard

  • Administrator Dashboard

Stock Management System
  • Purchase and Inventory Management

  • Purchase Orders

  • Stock Moves

  • Stock in multiple locations

Hospital Finance Management
  • Doctors Accounting (Payouts)

  • Staff Payroll

  • Referring Doctor commissions

Pharmacy Management
  • Prescription Based Direct Sale

  • Medicine Barcode Generation

  • Batch Wise Pricing

  • Medicine Expiry

  • Medicine Manufacture

  • Medicine Lot Locking

  • Stock Move on Invoicing

Blood Bank Management
  • Blood Bag Management

  • Blood Requisition (Donation)

  • Blood Issuance

  • Blood Storage

  • Patient Blood Donation

Website Features
  • Basic Website Home page

  • Publish Doctors On Website

  • Publish Doctors Schedules

  • CSR Activity Management

Extra Features
  • HMS Report Header

  • HMS Letterpad Header

  • Mail Notifications

  • Medical Representative Management

  • Patient/Hospital Document Management

  • Patient Waiting Screens

  • Patient Certification

  • Facility Management

Most Important Features
  • Department Management

  • Department Based Record Sharing

  • User Roles

  • User Role Based Screen, Record Rules and Access Rights

  • Patient/Hospital Document Management

  • Patient Waiting Screens

  • Patient Certification

  • Facility Management

Specialty Specific Modules
  • Gynec Management

  • Physiotherapy Management

  • Lithotripsy Management

  • Pediatric Management

  • Dentist Management

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